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Problem Textbooks are a significant financial burden on students and prevent instructors from customizing educational content that more effectively supports their curriculum. In addition, the creation and distribution of textbooks represent a waste of natural resources.

Our Solution Noba features curated chapter content from subject matter experts, easy-to-use instructor tools for textbook creation and delivery to the student’s device of choice (web, tablet, or mobile) via responsive design. When chapter content is updated, users are notified to ensure that they’ve got the latest and greatest without any effort.

Outcome With content written by some of the most respected psychologists in the business, Noba’s catalog has grown to 88 psychology modules (and counting), covering the traditional scope of introductory psychology and then some. Today, Noba is used by colleges and universities from around the world.

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Journal Map

Problem Land managers and ecologists struggling to deal with rapidly-changing environments and evolving ecosystem threats need quick access to relevant research and documentation of natural systems. However, the ability to find out what is known about a specific ecosystem or landscape is hindered by antiquated search technologies.

Our Solution JournalMap carries published natural resource literature into the modern day by adding the dimension of spatial context to search—allowing relevant knowledge to be identified through both geographic and thematic searching.

Outcome JournalMap now houses more than 18,000 scholarly articles. Pilot programs with innovative publishers like Taylor & Francis and Pensoft are helping inform core feature offerings and data integration processes. In response to increasing demand, we are about to release the JournalMap API to allow programmatic interactions with the core application. Discussions with global NGOs are proving fruitful and we’ll soon be applying JournalMap’s unique geosemantic search tools to new and exciting initiatives.

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ESP Platform

Problem Mentor Graphics—a leader in electronic design automation—identified a need for a custom Learning Management System that would simplify the operational demands of its internal training services delivery. This new solution would need to expand to assist in optimizing the monetization of training services through evolved systems integration and automation with improved business insights and analysis.

Our Solution The Education Services Portal (ESP) automates and centralizes administrative tasks required for training services and integrates data sharing from e-commerce, student registration, and other systems. The service also makes use of analysis and reporting tools to leverage multiple data sources for training administration, sales reporting, revenue forecasting and business planning.

Outcome ESP’s interface provides users with real-time schedules of all courses including student registration counts, an easy-to-use interface with intelligent filters and smart type-ahead search, and an instructor dashboard with a current schedule and ability to manage busy time and expenses. ESP is highly integrated with several Mentor Graphics services, allowing for the continued improvement of all online aspects of course and student management.

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Resilience Exchange

Problem In every corner of the world, there are individuals, communities and organizations developing solutions to urgent social and environmental challenges, both large and small. To date, discovering and sharing relevant solutions with other communities for reapplication has been virtually nonexistent. A need has been recognized for more rapid innovation to address the world’s most pressing problems.

Our Solution The Resilience Exchange interface helps individuals, organizations, and companies document and share the solutions that solve urgent social and evironmental challenges. The tools, processes, methods, and frameworks that make up a solution become part of a global database that is searchable across geographies, sectors, and key functional areas. Visitors to the Resilience Exchange can discover, combine, and recombine building blocks to craft new solutions to their own unique challenges.

Outcome The Resilience Exchange’s first branded storefront was deployed in November 2014 for Blue Solutions. The technology roadmap is exciting and we’re enjoying an immensely collaborative partnership with innovative stakeholders and early adopters like Ecotrust, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, Island Institute, and The Rockefeller Foundation. Soon, organizations will have the ability to offer the Resilience Exchange service to their audiences in a more discreet manner, selectively sharing content with trusted collaborators or the public.

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